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Recipe 1: Fried Rice Vermicelli

A popular classic traditional Minnan cuisine. Normally it is cooked with bean sprouts and egg.

Recipe 2: Oyster Chicken Wings

Interested on how to cook oyster chicken wings with a rice cooker? Simple yet delicious dish!

Recipe 3: Cold Okra

An appetizing dish taste sour, salty and spicy! Yummy!

Recipe 4: Sesame Oil Braised Chicken

Sesame Oil Braised Chicken – make you eat three bowls of rice! Try it now!

麻油鸡 / Sesame Oil Braised Chicken


食材 / Ingredients:

  1. 鸡腿肉 / Chicken Thigh              1公斤 / 1kg
  2. 姜丝 / Ginger                              80 克 / 80grams
  3. 老抽 / Aged Soy Sauce              80毫升 / 80ml
  4. 生抽 / Light Soy Sauce               30 毫升 / 30ml
  5. 冰糖 / Crystal Sugar                   15克 / 15 grams
  6. 麻油 / Sesame Oil                       适量 / moderate
  7. 清水 / Plain Water                       适量 / moderate
  8. 辣椒干 / Dried Chili                     少许 / a little
  9. 蒜瓣 / Garlic                                三瓣 / 3 cloves


步骤 / Steps:

1. 鸡腿肉洗净切块。锅里倒入麻油烧热,姜切丝和蒜瓣切碎后倒入锅中炒香。
2. 放入鸡肉炒至八成熟,老抽,生抽,冰糖以及辣椒干,翻炒均匀。
3. 倒入适量清水没过鸡肉,加盖焖煮约15分钟。
4. 开盖再翻炒约3分钟即可享用!

I. Wash and cut chicken into pieces. Heat up sesame oil in the pan, add in ginger and chopped garlic, stir-fry it.
II. Add in the chicken and stir-fry it until it is 8/10 cooked, together with aged soy sauce, light soy sauce, crystal sugar and dried chili. Stir-fry it evenly.
III. Add in water until it covered the chicken, lid on and braised it for 15mins.
IV. Remove the lid and stir-fry it again for 3mins, the dish is ready!

凉拌秋葵 / Cold Okra


  1. 秋葵/Okra                                                             10根/10 pcs
  2. 蒜蓉/Garlic                                                            少许/little bit
  3. 小辣椒/Small Pepper                                            3 条/3 pcs
  4. 天然生抽王/Special Brewed Light Soy Sauce      2 大匙/2 tablespoons
  5. 黑醋/Black vinegar                                                1 茶匙/1 teaspoons
  6. 糖/Sugar                                                               1大匙/1 tablespoon

步骤 / Steps:

1. 滚一锅水,把清洗干净的秋葵放入滚水内,焯水约2-3分钟。
2. 约2-3分钟后迅速捞起放入冰水里以确保秋葵的绿色。
3. 然后把秋葵去蒂,切成小块状。
4. 调酱料:把切好的蒜蓉,小辣椒。天然生抽酱油,黑醋和糖放入一个小碗搅拌均匀。
5. 把调好的酱料与切好的秋葵混合搅拌。
6. 享用愉快!

I.   Boil a pot of water, scald the okra in the boiling water for 2-3 minutes.
II.  After 2-3 minutes, pick up the cooked okra and put them in ice water quickly.
III. Remove the stem of okra then cut the okra into pieces
IV. Sauces: Prepare a small bowl, pour in the chopped garlic, small pepper, special brewed light soy sauce, black vinegar and sugar into the small bowl. Stir it.
V.  Mix the okra with the toned sauces.
VI. Enjoy!

蠔油鸡翅 / Oyster Chicken Wings

食材 / Ingredients:

  1. 鸡翅/Chicken Wings          7只 / 7 pcs
  2. 蠔油/Oyster Sauce            4 汤匙 / 4 tablespoon
  3. 酱油/Soy Sauce                 2 汤匙 / 2 tablespoon
  4. 姜片/Ginger                       4片 / 4 slices
  5. 蒜瓣/Garlic Clove              3 瓣 / 3 cloves
  6. 清水/Plain Water               半杯 / half cup


步骤 / Steps:

1. 把鸡翅与蠔油和酱油搅匀,腌制30分钟。
2. 30分钟后,将姜片以及蒜瓣倒入电饭煲。
3. 接着把腌制好的鸡翅加入,再把清水倒入。
4. 将盖子关好,电饭煲设置为煮饭模式。
5. 待煮好后,即可享用。

I.   Stir the chicken wings with oyster sauce and soy sauce evenly, marinate it for 30 minutes.
II.  After 30 minutes, pour the ginger and garlic cloves into the rice cooker.
III. Then, add in the marinated chicken wings and pour the plain water into the rice cooker.
IV. Lid on and set the rice cooker to rice cooking mode.
V.  Wait until it’s cooked, the dish is ready.


炒米粉 / Fried Rice Vermicelli

食材 / Ingredients:

  1. 米粉/Rice Vermicelli        150克 / 150 grams
  2. 鸡蛋/Egg                          2 颗 / 2 eggs
  3. 豆芽/Bean Sprouts          200 克/200 grams
  4. 鲜虾/Shrimps                   适量/moderate
  5. 小辣椒/Small Pepper       少许/little bit
  6. 蒜末/Bruschetta               10 克/10 grams
  7. 老抽酱油/Soy Sauce        5大匙/5 tablespoons
  8. 晒油/Thick Soy Sauce      2 大匙/2 tablespoons
  9. 食油/Cooking Oil              适量/moderate
  10. 白开水/Plain Water          1/3 杯/1/3 cup


步骤 / Steps:

1. 热锅下油,加入打散的鸡蛋后翻炒。
2. 将蒜末,小辣椒和虾倒入爆香。
3. 接着把米粉倒入,然后将酱油,晒油以及水均匀倒入。
4. 大火快炒,把处理好的豆芽加入再继续翻炒。
5. 待色泽均匀后即可享用。

I.   Heat up, add oil and stir-fry the beaten egg that added in.
II.  Then, pour in the bruschetta, small pepper, shrimps and continue stir-fry.
III. Add in the rice vermicelli, then put in the soy sauce, thick soy sauce and water evenly.
IV. Stir-fry it quickly, add the bean sprouts then continue stir-fry.
V.  After it is stir-fry evenly, the meal is ready to be served.