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Since time immemorial, there were seven essential items every household would have had to begin a day, namely firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. Even as the world changes, these seven essential items continue to be daily necessities for many modern families.

Sauces, especially soy sauce is simply inseparable from Asian cuisine and a true soy sauce connoisseur would know that the best soy sauce is naturally fermented.

Established in 1960, Choon Fatt Sauce Factory has more than 60 years of soy sauce and condiments manufacturing experience. We combined traditional methods of fermentation and modernized equipment to brew and produce soy sauce and various condiments, bringing you great tasting high-quality products bursting with flavours.

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From traditionally brewed soy sauce to essential condiments for the modern chef, our comprehensive range of soy sauce and condiment products offer maximum flavours for your dishes.

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Product Lineup

TastyDip Plum Sauce

The perfect combo of sweet and sour never gets old

• Our plum sauce is made from the freshest and highest quality salted plums, vinegar, sugar and salt.
• It’s best to use as a dipping sauce or to enhance your cooking because of its pleasing combination of sweet and sour flavour profiles.

TastyDip Oyster Sauce

Sweet and savoury, with a strong ocean salinity
• Formulated with our secret recipe, our oyster sauce perfectly blends sweetness, savouriness and umami flavours in a balanced proportion.
• This thick, seafood-tasting savoury sauce is best used for cooking and making soup.
• Oyster Sauce also has a Vegetarian version which is made from mushroom’s extracts and it will certainly serve as a terrific flavour enhancement to your vegetarian dishes.

TastyDip Thick Soy Sauce

Caramel-laden sweetness and savouriness
• A darker, thicker and mellower type of soy sauce made from natural sugar caramel and fermented soybeans.
• A perfect blend of sweet and salty that enhances both the flavour
and presentation of your dishes.

TastyDip Special Brewed Aged Soy Sauce

Non-GMO soybeans, naturally fermented
• Each drop of TastyDip soy sauce is made from 100% non-GMO soybeans to guarantee consistent characteristic flavours.

• The soy sauce is naturally fermented and brewed with traditional methods with the support of modern technologies.

TastyDip Special Brewed Light Soy Sauce

Salty and sweet, family’s favourite
TastyDip Special Brewed Light Soy Sauce is the essence extracted from soybeans, brine and wheat over a minimum of 8 months’ fermentation. Our special brewed light soy sauce is a combination of well-balanced sweetness, saltiness and umami. This vivid, light brown condiment will definitely enhance the tastiness and the appearance of your dishes.

TastyDip Black Vinegar

A tangy appetite stimulant
•It is made from high quality black beans, fresh ginger, quality licorice and. It has a moderate amount of sourness, a hint of sweetness with the spiciness of ginger, create an appetizing taste.
•Can be used as dipping sauce or for cooking like stir-fry and braises.

TastyDip Chili Sauce

A mild kick of spiciness that everyone loves
• TastyDip Chili Sauce is produced by using fresh chilli as its main ingredient.
• A delightful mix of spicy and sour with a hint of sweetness, It is suitable to use as a condiment or dipping sauce

TastyDip Bean Paste

Savoury and aromatic, balance the flavours in your cooking

• TastyDip Beanpaste is naturally fermented and is made from 100% non-GMO soybeans.
• It is produced in two forms, grind and non-grinded, its thick umami taste makes it a versatile condiment which you can use on anything.